Remembering Lone Soldiers

Rivka was a Holocaust Survivor who lost most of her family during the war. Despite all the horrors she had to endure, she chose to look death in the eye and to fill her life with color, smiles and actions. She will forever be remembered as a vivacious, kind, smart, generous woman.

During WWII, Rivka and her family escaped from place to place as the fighting and bombing followed them. When they made it to a relatively safe place deep inside the former USSR, a doctor who treated her mother, sexually assaulter her which only compounded her anguish and distress. Her mother became paralyzed, and Rivka, at the young age of 12 or 13 became the head of her family.  She was the one to provide food and money for the rest of the family. 

Orna was introduced to her by a friend who works for Yad VaShem and interviews survivors to record their memories. She discovered a poised, fun-loving, kind and considerate woman that gripped our hearts and have become a dear friend. IBF partnered with Orna to help support Rivka’s needs.

Rivka always regretted not finishing school, obtaining formal education, and most of all, leaving a legacy behind. We were all so blessed to be used by God as a means to bring this dream of hers to life, to make this widow's heart rejoice by publishing a collection of her works and poems both in Hebrew and in English. 

Several of these pictures were taken just before her passing. Rivka's birthday was on the day of her accident. The day prior to it Orna and the friend that introduced them, Bina, took her out to celebrate her birthday. 

Rivka passed away on June 28, 2017, after sustaining massive head trauma. Orna and her team will still be in touch with her family and pray that God will use us to bring them into His flock. May God continue to bless her memory.

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