Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Thank you so much for your generous, continued support towards loving and caring for the needy among the Body in Israel! Because of your strategic and generous partnership, 22 children from at-risk homes were able to participate in this year's summer camp, and around 10 participated in weekly sessions until this summer break.

Yvongesh, mother of M. (age 10), shared: “Since he developed late in life and slowly, he studies at a special needs school. He also has clinical communication training and physical therapy weekly. These horse therapy lessons are exactly what the doctor recommended for him, and have really strengthened him!”

Upcoming lessons, and expanding the reach:
We are continuing to expand the reach of homes supported through this project to new congregations and bless a wider circle of widowed / single parent homes, and those who are in financial risk, but in the process of regaining stability.

After a short summer break, the weekly lessons have resumed for the coming year, with currently 6 children from single parent and / or financially at-risk families. One of these children was recently orphaned, and for all of these homes, this is an opportunity for a critical, tangible healing and change in their lives through receiving the love of God and personal therapy, care and training from the Stable guides and trainers. During each weekly lesson, the children receive practical training in horseback riding, archery, lassoing, basic care and first aid for horses, and more, in addition to strengthening godly heart qualities, such as leadership, initiative, boldness, self-confidence, responsibility and independence.

King David Stables: At-Risk Youth and Widows

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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