Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

King David Stables: At-Risk Youth and Widows

Thank you so much for your generous, continued support towards loving and caring for the needy among the Body in Israel! Because of your faithful seeds sown over the past months, around 10 children from single parent homes were able to receive horse riding therapy and training. Through this training, these precious children receive both therapy for overcoming fears, trauma, loneliness and lack of self-confidence and value, and as they grow into teen years, to receive training in leadership, initiative and responsibility, towards becoming junior instructors for the younger children.

Viorika, mother of Nazariel and Dariya (ages 10 and 12): “They are more sensitive, thelessons have softened them. I can tell they are more caring towards others.”

​Shlomit, mother of David and Sonia (ages 15 and 17), shared: “After serving as junior leaders in the past camp, both have grown much in self-confidence and standing in front of people. Especially Sonia, who dealt with a lot of fear of people, found a place where she feels comfortable, and she began to overcome her fears and become more self-confident. Because she had more confidence, she could grow in more responsibility. They are both much more focused now, and have grown in maturity, taking responsibility, behavior, orderliness, and carrying out assignments”.

Peach Camp Lessons:
During April 1 – 5, a Peach camp was held at the Stables, where 14 children were sponsored to attend and enjoy lessons and workshops including riding, care for the horses (learning everything from cleaning and feeding to first aid), communication, archery and target practice, lassoing, leadership training and hands-on for older teens, and group activities.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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