Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Thank you so much for your ongoing, faithful partnership with us, sowing into transforming the lives of children in the Messianic Body in Israel through the King David Stables project! This project focuses uniquely on bringing wholeness, stability, growth and character building to children from single-parent or widowed homes, or those in financial crisis / recovery, through horse therapy, riding and personal "discipleship" through one-on-one training sessions.


Summer Camp Update:

This past summer, 9 children were able to participate in the annual summer camp, 3 of them thanks to the direct support of the IBF! During the camp, the younger children experienced riding lessons, archery, lassoing, first-aid training for the horses, and other care such as cleaning, feeding, and responsibility for all the horses' needs. The teens participated as "junior guides", receiving training in leadership and taking responsibility for guiding the younger children, throughout all of the camp's activities. Each one of the children was impacted, whether through gaining confidence, physical strength, coordination and balance, heightened social skills, and most of all, the love of the Father to those who lack it at home.

New Year – Testimony and Update:
We have had several teens successfully complete their season of training and therapy with the King David Stables, graduate high school, and move on to their mandatory service in the IDF this year! Thanks to the years of investment they received in the Stables, they are being sent on to this next challenge in life more whole and equipped to serve our nation, and be a light for Messiah.In this new academic year, the project is in a transition period, and we are praying for continued fruitfulness through the lives of new children who will be joining soon. Thank you for your prayers with us, that the right children and families will be able to receive healing, support and transformation through this project.

King David Stables: At-Risk Youth and Widows