Thanks to your generous and faithful partnership, we are supporting 10 children this year by sending them to horse riding and training lessons as well as 25 children attending the summer camp.

Message from parent of boy in picture:
"The lessons have been a huge blessing for my son! He has become patient in everything that he does, towards both animals and people. He doesn’t want to miss the lessons, even when he is not feeling well. He is always happy now, and the lessons allowed him to develop love in his heart. I want to thank you so much for your ministry and the financial blessing that means so much to me as a mother, and to my son. He shines love to others and changes the atmosphere around him. Even I started loving animals because of how he has changed!”

 Message from parent of girl in picture:
“My daughter has been riding for over 6 years, and is now a counselor at the yearly camps. She has become much more disciplined, mature and responsible through the riding and learning to care for the horses. Roni has fallen in love with the horses! The atmosphere at the lessons is so good for her, because the staff is like family for her. She used to have problems with balance, but since riding she has become much more stable and physically balanced.” 

Pesach Camp Update
Antoni and Erik Lifshitz: “The last Pesach camp was a blessing! It is our joy working with the children, each one comes with a certain brokenness that with the equine therapy we are seeing true inner- healing. This time we had, ‘S’ one of the teen girls who has dealt with self-image struggles, was able to build up her confidence and speak out. It was such a joy to see her change before our eyes!”

King David Stables: At-Risk Youth and Widows

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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