Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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Thanks to your generous and faithful partnership, we are supporting 10 children from single parent homes this year by sending them to horse riding therapy and training. The goal of training is both therapy for overcoming fears, trauma and lack of self-confidence, and as they grow into teen years, to become junior instructors for younger children, developing leadership qualities and personal initiative. 

Testimonies / Summer Camp Update:
After many years of therapy and training, there was huge fruit as five teens became junior instructors for the first time at this summer camp! The change in each teen’s personality is amazing, said Arik, manager of the Stables. Some of the girls who came as children originally had no self-confidence or ability to function independently. This summer they were able to lead entire small groups of 8 young children each, instructing them in every activity with the horses, including riding lessons, trail riding outside, horse care, archery, paintball, lassoing, polo, veterinary instruction and first aid for horses.

Upcoming Lessons:
After finishing the summer camp, the children have gone back to weekly lessons, where they receive training and therapy through riding in the corral and on mountain trails, care for the horses, archery training, first aid, and more. Each week the children are also provided with transportation and a hot meal. One new teen, aged 15, who has been coming to the summer camp, has joined the training lessons this year for the first time, in hopes of becoming a junior instructor himself in the future.

King David Stables: At-Risk Youth and Widows