Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Beit Hallel: Israel's Needy

We thank God for the privilege to continue ministering to Israel's Holocaust Survivors and Needy. 

It was a blessing to count on IBF’s support this past quarter, and we have been able to reach many people in need. Please convey our humble gratitude and appreciation to donors and to the board of IBF.

Our monthly humanitarian project consists of compiling food hampers with basic essentials and distribute them to families in need, whether they are the elderly, holocaust survivors, new immigrants or children in need – all who struggle daily to make ends meet. 

Our project is split into bi-monthly events, so that every two weeks we help a new batch of people, whether with food, clothes or house essentials. 

So far we have been able to help feed 15 families every month with the funds we’re receiving from IBF, while on average our organization reaches 1250 families on monthly basis through our humanitarian outreaches. 

Every food parcel we put together for each family amounts to $30 (amount has increased over the last quarter proportionate to an increase in the wholesale cost and amount of items added to each hamper), while larger parcels with house supplies (clothes, blankets, kitchen utensils, etc) are $50 each. 

At these projects where we host the recipients of Beit Hallel’s aid, we also organize a special musical or entertainment event, and we share with them about our organization and about the people, such as IBF, that are sponsoring the project and why they support the project.