King of Kings Ministry - Manna Kitchen

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

We thank God for the privilege to continue feeding poor Israelis. 

We are glad that the cooperation with the Messianic middle-school continues, and the 7-9 graders continue learning how to love and practically serve people who are so often rejected by the society.

A short personal testimony: "I." is a young, very orthodox Jew, wearing black hat and suite. About 18 months ago, "I." was invited to our Soup Kitchen by a believing Dutch lady who is normally playing the piano. "I." really wanted to come in and was walking around our entrance glancing inside for almost one month, but it was too hard to him to overcome the feelings that he’d enter a place run by Believers, which is totally unacceptable in his circles. However, "I." is very poor because he has 6 children, and all his income is the stipend from Yeshiva where he studies. Thank God, finally, "I." had enough courage to come in and eat.  Since then he is our “regular customer”. He still comes only in the end and sits only in the very far corner, so that nobody would see him from outside, but over all, he feels very relaxed, always smiles and sometimes jokes with us. We feel privileged to gain trust of somebody who was so suspicious about us and our faith and are looking forward to know "I." even better. 

Thanking again for enabling us to show God’s love and care to the poor in Jerusalem.