Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

King of Kings Ministry - Manna Kitchen and Distribution Center

We thank God for the privilege to continue feeding poor Israelis. 

Manna Soup Kitchen impacts poor people: widows, Holocaust survivors, elderly, new immigrants, handicapped, homeless. We help improve welfare of the groups stated above by providing people who come to eat in our Soup Kitchen who are either financially or physically unable to make real meals, or both, so most of them eat uncooked and very cheap food alone (if they have money for even that). Here, they don't only eat cooked tasty nutritious meals, but they are served by volunteers with dignity and open loving hearts. The people love coming to us, consider this Soup Kitchen the best in the city, and many of them keep sitting at the table even after they finished their meal. They enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, dignity they are treated with, live music (which is probably unique for Soup Kitchens in the whole country) and conversations with each other. This way many poor and lonely people experience the Kingdom, heal their soul wounds and become more open to God and His message.

King's Kindness Distribution Center supports widows, Holocaust survivors, elderly, new immigrants, handicapped, addicts in recovery, families in unexpected crisis. We provide sets that include a full bag of dry goods, 2-3 kilos of frozen meat and few toiletries of their choice to about 65 families in crisis. These families are either extremely poor or are going through some crisis. They are being helped for half a year and are sent to us by the Jerusalem Municipality and few other smaller organizations. On top of the food, our clients may choose some second hand clothes and shoes that are donated mostly by private people. 

Shalom to dear IBF sponsors,
We thank God and all of you for your generous donations to poor Israelis. All the funds you sent are used to pay either for the Soup Kitchen meals or for the DC groceries. 
Both projects continue being very successful, and touch people lives and hearts. 
Now just two examples of the people affected by the King's Kindness:

The testimony of a Soup Kitchen comer: probably one of the youngest Soup Kitchen comers.  Unfortunately J. is handicapped, having a hump. We don’t know if he is able to work at some simple work or lives on the Social allowance, but you can see that he doesn’t have much money. He rents a very cheap apartment with few roommates, and is very glad to come to our place and eat meals that he wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.  J. is extremely shy and doesn’t talk too much with other people, maybe because of rejection history. He continues coming to the Soup Kitchen for already more than three years, and we are glad to make his life easier, and himself - happier.

Example of a Distribution Center comer case:

R. and I. are a religious Israeli couple in their early forties.They have a girl 6 years old and a boy 5 years old. Unfortunately about a year ago R. had some accident at work, and since then has still be in rehabilitation process, being unable to work. His temporary National Security allowance is quite low, and I. doesn’t succeed to provide for the whole family needs, especially because their boy goes to a Special Needs kindergarten. Since the accident the couple can’t make the needs met and has already accumulated some debts. Lately R. feels better and hope to come back to work in near future. Meanwhile our help with food and toiletries releases their pressure and helps them to get out of debt.

 These are just two examples of hundreds of suffering people that we could help because of your care and generosity. May God continue blessing you,
Kings Kindness Humanitarian Projects Director.