Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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Work among Holocaust Survivors
We continue our work among this group that best represents the widowhood of Israel. 

We continue our work among holocaust survivors in our area. Among other things, we visit them at their homes to evaluate how we can possibly provide more assistance. For the feast of Sukkoth, we held a special party for our precious survivors to bring some much needed and welcomed joy into their lives.

Meet Malka - she and her husband came to Israel following the war. She constantly gives thanks to God for bringing her here. "It was hard," she says, "but it's ours! There's food and provisions, and by His grace we have all we need.” Malka is becoming more and more demented, but one thing she does remember – to give thanks to Him. On Rosh Hashanah her husband, Buma, fell and is now confined to his bed. Their son, Phima, cares for them well. It is so touching to see the loving relationship between the three – a very unique experience among survivors’ families. Each visit in their home is such a joy and a privilege.

Inna lives in a one bedroom apartment, provided by the state. As you leave the apartment, there are a number of stairs. She suffers greatly with her feet, which make it hard to walk as it is. The stairs outside her apartment make it almost impossible for her to leave her home. We are sending her next week to a specialist, to look for a way to bring some relief to her ongoing pain.

Ot OoMofet: Holocaust Survivors and Widows