Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc makes donations to qualifying organizations (501c3) for charitable use, humanitarian aid, educational, assistance to widow, orphans at-risk children, and Holocaust survivors living in Israel.

We strive to meet the physical and emotional needs of these various groups of individuals through providing support to organizations who work with municipalities and social services to find Israel's truly needy people.

Organizations we support have programs such as: soup kitchens, distribution centers, various types of therapy for emotionally traumatized children and single parents, dental clinics, foster boarding homes, orphanages, reconstruction of homes of Holocaust survivors, at-risk teen camps, music school for at-risk children...

As part of our agreement with the ones we support, they must send quarterly reports proving the funds are being used for the groups of individuals outlined in our agreement. We take an annual trip to Israel to meet with organizational leaders, visit their centers or participate in a daily activity, serving the ones we so desire to see their physical and emotional wounds healed. 

With the Holocaust survivor population decreasing so rapidly, we are currently working to find more avenues to serve their needs. We are acutely aware that Israel's orphan population is increasing and their physical and emotional needs have become a heavy burden on the Guardianship Program and individual social workers.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to seek appropriate and trustworthy organizations to partner with in years to come.

​​Mission and Vision