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The funds have gone to great use this quarter. Several of our Ethiopian orphans have needed hair treatment. Both Bar and Michal enjoyed a day at the hair spa that specializes in their hair type. Their faces glowed and still have smiles because of their increase self-esteem. 

Alex has experienced a setback this summer. He was doing so well with martial arts that he was invited to attend a special competition in Poland. During one of her practices, he broke his arm, so he will not be able to attend. His sponsor is spending more time with him preoccupied with various summer activities. He attended a game shop where he was able to play video games and play with school friends.

Nadia will finish her driving school this summer and is very excited to be able to have some independence. 

We need your help:

We are currently sponsoring 15 orphans: school tutorial programs, driving school,  hair treatment for Ethiopian girls, VARIOUS EXTRA-CURRICULAR SPORTS PROGRAMS

Our hope is to grow this number, but we cannot do it without your help. Please click on the link below, select Orphans/At-Risk Youth under Purposes to help sponsor one or more of Israel's orphans.

For more information, contact Michelle via the Contact link. She will be able to give you more detailed financial support information.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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