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Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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Reshet Kidz Camp 2018 

Orit and I helped lead the annual, week long, sleep-away, kids’ camp for the Tents of Mercy network of congregations.

The inspiration for our camp theme came from the almost magical way a hot air balloon rises from the ground and travels through the air, moved along by the wind, something we cannot even see with our physical eyes (bear in mind that in Hebrew the word spirit and the word wind are one and the same – “ruach”). Similarly, we identified a goal for us as parents/teachers to see the children lifted off the ground and flying in life – powered by God's Spirit and not our own/their own strength. Of course there was also lots of fun and games, and food and water to cool off the hot days. Then came the evening worship and impartation of encouragement to live life in dependence on God's spirit. We saw a new level of breakthrough in worship, in prayer and in the general atmosphere. Children heard God speak to them, and we could see they were truly touched. 

Olive Tree Ranch - At-Risk Children