Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Tents of Mercy - Israel's Needy Families and At-Risk Children

A special thanks to give to our partners at Israel Benevolent Fund – your hands and giving hearts have made it possible to purchase the items for our needy.


This quarter has sure been a busy one, but we have been blessed to witness the many hands who have helped us make it possible. This year saw us give a record number of food packages to the needy in the community – 890 bags were distributed in the week leading up to the Passover feast. With such a volume of bags needing packed, we even had three separate volunteer groups to help get the bags ready for distribution.

Thanks to you, 890 families (ranging in circumstance from lone parent to those in financial difficulty) received a bag of much needed and helpful food items, several of which specific to the Passover celebration which allows them to celebrate the feast without the expense of purchasing them. 

Music school continues to produce sweet melodies! The children have been in rehearsal mode leading up to a special performance tomorrow evening at a congregational meal to mark the close of Passover. We have many bright stars amongst the group that attend and it is a privilege to see this talent cultivated.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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