Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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The warehouse was buzzing with activity as 800 bags were being packed with food items specific to this feast by some of our volunteers. These bags are specifically prepared for distribution to the needy in our community. This year felt extra special as not only staff from the local City Social Services came to lend a hand but the Mayor also came to give a word of encouragement and thanks. This is a huge thing for us, to continually build on what is already a collaborative relationship with the City Social Services and to be called upon on other occasions to serve the community in which we are placed through their contacts.

We are also privileged to share, through your support, the help we are giving to a young teenage girl in our community. Rejected from dozens of children’s homes, this young girl is struggling to maintain any kind of normality in life. We are helping her with certain living expenses so that she can maintain and take care of herself whilst not having the current support or cover of parents or authorities.

It is with the nearing to a close of the second year of the Music school that we send this report. We currently have 24 students taking classes between piano, guitar, vocal and choir. We are already seeing results with two separate worship groups – one a group of quite advanced children and the other a group of family members. We are delighted with the progress from a second year of running the school and always look forward to the next holiday or feast where the children can participate in a special worship service and display their talent.

Tents of Mercy - Israel's Needy Families and At-Risk Children