Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

The Hands of Mercy team in S'derot and the "Tents of Victory" outreach center are successfully continuing Yeshi's vision to reach the heart of the local community in S’derot with G-D's love through outreach work and the distribution of humanitarian aid. 

The S'derot team has continued to faithfully serve the local community by clothing and food distribution to local families in financial difficulty. Through your continued faithful support, Hands of Mercy successfully restructured the S'derot team and reorganized the work of the "Tents of Victory" outreach center. We are extremely grateful to G-D for enabling us to extend the opening hours of "Tents of Victory" in order to be able to help more local families. With the L-RD's gracious help, the center is now open for second hand clothing distribution every day of the week (except for Fridays, Saturdays and official holidays), both mornings and evenings. We receive bags of second hand clothing almost every day from the local community, which our local team sorts and organizes so it is ready to be picked up by destitute local families.

Also, the Hands of Mercy team in S'derot is receiving local families in need of help at the "Tents of Victory" outreach center's office twice a week. We are also organizing weekly home visits, delivering food aid and reaching out with the L-RD's compassion to local families in acute need and distress. We are grateful to G-D that through the generous help of our worldwide family of supporters, we are enabled to provide regular support to 19 local families in S'derot with weekly donations of food and diapers. We are also providing special packages of holiday food, which also include traditional food items needed for the celebrations. Local residents have expressed joy and gratitude for the special holiday food packages, which enable them to celebrate the holidays with dignity. 

Distribution of medical equipment: Through the generous support of the Joseph Project, we have also been privileged to be a part of G-D's provision to elderly and disabled members of this war-torn community, through providing adult diapers and medical equipment. 

Distribution of school supplies: To help destitute local families get ready for the new school year and to put a smile on their children's faces, the Hands of Mercy team has been distributing toys, school bags and other "school goodies" to many needy children. 

Hands of Mercy