Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

The opportunities we have to share compassion and love with those that remain in crisis far after the rockets have fallen is a vital part of Hands of Mercy. Hospital visits give us the occasion to bring loving support and encouragement to families that are often devastated by the effects of this war-torn community. Financial support and groceries are provided when families find themselves in the most challenging of circumstances. The real blessing, however, is the loving stranger who comes to just say hello.

Our home visits to ‘high risk’ families occur monthly or bimonthly as needed. The elderly among us, the sick, the Holocaust survivors often struggle with the activities of daily life and the loneliness that fills their lives. The fact that someone is willing to come bearing even the simplest of gifts and spend time talking, or perhaps playing a guitar to sooth their troubled lonely lives brings smiles to their faces and joy to their lives.

Every week, Hands of Mercy staff speaks to those struggling in the community who need help in tangible ways. Every family situation differs as do their needs. Special attention is paid to those differences as we prayerfully search for creative ways to help. Some only need temporary help; others will need assistance on a more long-term basis. Some need vouchers for groceries, some help with school expenses. Maybe they have gotten behind on a utility bill and need help getting caught up. Whether its vouchers or bags full of groceries, diapers or a backpack full of school supplies. 

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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