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Hands of Mercy

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

The initial home of Hands of Mercy was in Jerusalem for nearly seven years. We were assisting victim families throughout the country during events of suicide terrorism and war. In 2009 during the 'Cast Lead Shield' war, we moved the main thrust of our work and office to the small war-torn community of Sde’rot. Since 2009, we have developed many creative projects to meet the needs of our war-torn community: soup kitchen and school sandwiches for hungry children and families, adoption sponsorship program and home industry projects for needy families, bomb shelter boxes, a crisis preparedness project and a strategic agricultural project to prepare for difficult days ahead. 

Shani Rachmimov(Widow with Three Children):
Shani continues to work as an assistant with babies in a preschool 'Gan Yellidem'.  This brings her much comfort and happiness after the tragic death of her husband. She and her children have overcome much of the deep pain and enjoy especially, creative, arts-and-craft programs after school. The government now assists her with low-cost rent in her own small apartment which allows her to no longer be a burden upon her parents. Life is much easier with her three year old no longer needing diapers. Thanks to your help, our mercy ministry is honored to give her your monthly support for which she always is very grateful, allowing us to reach out with special help on Shabbat and special holidays in the name of our L-RD!

Rosa remains 100 percent disabled and confined to bed, needing help 24- hours a day, which is never possible.  Regretfully, the paid government worker Olga takes half of Rosa's monthly disability payment, leaving little left over for food or bills..