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Being a light in the shadows of struggles is our greatest desire. In the last several months, we have received several requests to take on new projects that are in dire need. The following are the ones we have accepted because of available funds:

Vision for Israel: 

Each month we continue to give away financial aid to the needy who suffer from harsh living conditions and hunger. A few examples of those who received aid this quarter were:
- A holocaust survivor in need of a microwave oven.
- A family of 4 of new immigrants with money vouchers for food and basic necessities.

We also regularly assist and sponsor events that benefit a range of people with needs across Israel.   Some examples this quarter were:
-Provide support for high school in Jerusalem to serve breakfast for students with low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

- Sponsored Purim parties for both children at risk and victims of terror.

Freedom Foundation: Anti-trafficking organization
Distributed support to Israeli shelters, managed social media, met with Kayra Neibur, our 2018 Award winner, on future plans for trafficked women shelter.

IBF Liaison in Israel:
Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum Christian Leaders conference – attended along with Brain Slater and 50 other Messianic and Christian leaders from Israel, have enrolled in their History of Anti–Semitism class.

Keren Poriya:
Eric and I are so grateful for the continued support so we are able to continue to reach out to the Holocaust Survivors in our area. Below is an explanation of how funds were used this quarter: 

-support to Beit Yacov, a wonderfulSenior Day Center in Tiberius. Jane Zeevi runs the center, which has been fully subsidized for many years by a trust fund in the UK.  The funding ended abruptly at the end of 2017.  Jane is looking for new sources of funding, but in the meantime we have helped funds for food and other urgent necessities.  The care level at Beit Yacov is exceptional, and we very much want, and pray, that the 60 Holocaust survivors and pioneers who call this place home during the day will be able to continue coming.  We have also helped with lecture and musical programs and in other non-financial ways.
-support programs for special needs children, through David Gabai, the social worker for the City of Tiberias who is responsible for the after-school homes the city runs for these special children.  Most of them come from very poor or otherwise dysfunctional families. At the centers they are given meals and social and educational programs after school.  We were able

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