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Harvest for Asher: Guy Cohen

I received a desperate phone call at 6AM Wednesday, CST, from Guy seeking help. His community is devastated by the recent flood in the northern part of Israel, Nahariyya. Everyone received notice to go home from work immediately because the storm that was expected to hit would bring flash floods. The floods came on faster than expected and many people were were caught in the muddy waters. Guy's own daughter was caught in the quickly rising water coming home from school because of the traffic jams and flooded cars.

Being from a city that experienced a horrible flood, Harvey, I could hear the desperation in his voice and the confusion about where to begin. After discussing how he is working with the municipality in Nahariyya to help begin the recovery process, he was able to communicate with me about what has been done so far. The first thing they need to remove the water are pumps. While we have the conveniences of price shopping, they do not. One water pump cost $3000 US dollars. Many of the homes and business are holding flooded water and the pumps are absolutely necessary. The municipality does not have enough money to fund this big of a clean up. So with the help of Guy and his organization and volunteers around the globe coming in now, they are beginning the process of assessing exactly what families need to meet their basic needs right now and what they need to begin the clean-up process. 

We are asking for you to send as much support as you can so that we can help Guy and the Nahariyya community recover. All funds will be tax deductible and will go directly to Guy without any administration fee from the organization that oversees funds coming from the US...this is a huge blessing.

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