Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Recent Programs

Being a light in the shadows of struggles is our greatest desire. In the last several months, we have received several requests to take on new projects that are in dire need. The following are the ones we have accepted because of available funds:

Vision for Israel: 

Toys, feasting, entertainment, crafts, and water, water, everywhere! Vision for Israel recently sponsored a full day of special activities for 948 terror victims and families at one of Israel’s leading water parks. Everyone had free access to all the attractions and activities, and they had a great time. We were thrilled to give these precious people a refreshing break in a very hot, long, and dry summer.

Voice of Judah Israel
Our humanitarian project consists of monthly putting together food packets with basic essentials and distribute them to families in need, elderly, holocaust survivors, new immigrants and refugees – all who struggle daily to survive. These projects are organized each month and we split it into two occasions, so that every two weeks we help a new batch of people, whether with food, clothes or house essentials. So far we have been able to help feed 1200 families on regular basis through our humanitarian outreach. Every large parcel we put together for each family has house supplies such as clothes, blankets, kitchen utensils, as well as food. Every month we hold a special event, where we invite the people we are helping each month to our congregation, usually we have a special musical event, share a bit with them about who are the friends who are sponsoring this aid for them and why. People are usually very touched learning about the love and care of believers from the nations such as IBF who's only desire is to bless the Jewish people in Israel.