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Reach International -

Israel's Holocaust Survivors

We thank God for the privilege to continue ministering to Israel's Holocaust Survivors. 

Week after week, continue to spend time with Holocaust Survivors through the celebration of the Biblical Feasts, excursions and weekly clubs. These special times with them really brings them much joy and reminds them that they are honored and loved by followers of Yeshua.  These interactions continue to give survivors an opportunity to get better acquainted with us and our team members, and develop relationships, encouraging open doors for RII team members to visit dozens of them in their homes. This ongoing personal interaction enables us to better meet their needs and hopefully love them into the Kingdom of God, one at a time.  

In Jerusalem, we continue with our bi-weekly club that is attended by 30-40 survivors. 

Our Coordinator in Karmiel began inviting survivors into his home for Erev Shabbat Celebrations, which have been very successful. At each Erev Shabbat celebration about 10 survivors join for a joy-filled evening. He also began to hold small group fellowship meetings(“Warm Home Meetings”) in his home. These meetings occur 4 times per week every week. About 10-15 survivors attend each of these meetings.