Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

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The Omanit Senior Day Center on Kibbutz Ginosar serves around 50 senior citizens, made up of about 40% Holocaust survivors and 60% pioneers that helped build this country from the very beginning. They are now in their ‘80’s and ‘90’s.

Most people in this age group in Israel have adequate income to pay basic living expenses like rent, food, and electricity but they are very lonely and bored. They need social interaction, interesting activities, and stimulation. Omanit provides these very well, at little or no cost to the “member.”  

The founder of Omanit over 30 years ago and who has run it ever since is totally dedicated to loving these people and to meeting their needs on a daily basis. She has decided the best thing is to move her center to Tiberias. We, along with the founder recently met with the Mayor of Tiberias. He is also encouraging her to move to the city.

Terri and I, who have been deeply involved with the founder for almost two years now, agree with this strategy. However, she has no money for the move.  We would like to help, and we believe it is a very good project for IBF to take on.

The founder has found a very suitable building in an excellent location in Tiberias.  It is in good condition but needs cleaning, 
painting, and installation of a handicapped toilet facility. The approximate cost of these improvements is $2,000. 

The rent for 2018 will be covered by a Jewish Trust in the UK. However, she needs to pay the rent for the remaining months of 2017, from the time she plans to move in, September 1 to December 31. That is 4 months, totaling $10,000.

So, the total need is $12,000. This is such an important part of the heart of IBF. 
Please help us raise these funds to get the bills paid before the end of August.

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