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 Below is a letter from a social worker in Tiberius:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting you and learning about your volunteer work with various communities in need. I am interesting in offering you the chance to take an active part in aiding children at-risk through contributing to the following programs in our youth clubs. 
I would like you to help us with five different youth clubs functioning in Tiberius. These are the Haor club, the Rabbi Akiva club,  the Sheked club,  the Egoz club and the Targil club. In each of these clubs there are 15 children aged 6-12, except for the Tagil club for the Blind which has only five - all in all 66 children. (the Rabbi Akiva club hasn’t started functioning  yet)
The population attending these clubs is the children of families on Welfare who are in need of a social and enrichment program in order to prevent them from turning to the streets. The idea is to teach the children values and norms, self confidence, and the capability to function in society. These clubs operate 4-5 times a week in the afternoons.  The Targil club just functions once a week.

Thanking you in advance,
David Gabai

Social Worker, Tiberius Municipality

Keren Poriya: At-Risk Children

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