Israel Benevolence Fund, Inc.

Abundant Bread of Salvation:Holocaust Survivors, Widows, Orphans

Food Bag Distribution Tuesday! As of January 2018, we are again now able to bless our recipients with fresh loaves of bread along with the food bags each week. It brings a whole new meaning to “Abundant Bread of Salvation”. A generous donor also blessed our ministry with some fragrances- Perfumes/Colognes, to spray our guests with and make them feel more beautiful/handsome. They are so happy to be leaving smelling like a million dollars with their food packages!

This month of March, we are able to bless approximately 70 girls from an all-girls orphanage with brand new shoes for Pesach (Passover). We delivered some sample styles and sizes for them to try on and then they were able to individually pick the pair that they liked the best. We are so grateful for you, IBF, and your supporters.